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At MirVicSolar, we know that every household and business is different. Our team will take the time to understand your needs as our customer and ensure that your renewable energy future is in safe hands.

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Empowering Solar Excellence with Thibstas Media

Mirvic Solar's journey towards prominence in the solar energy landscape was a shared endeavor

Website Brilliance

At Thibstas Media, our partnership with Mirvic Solar began with a commitment to showcase their pioneering energy solutions through meticulous website maintenance. Our dedicated efforts ensured that Mirvic Solar's online platform resonated with their innovative spirit.

Strategic Ads Management

Thibstas Media's collaboration with Mirvic Solar extended to strategic ads management, where we shone a spotlight on their groundbreaking energy solutions. Through meticulous analysis and understanding of their services, we curated ad campaigns that precisely reached their intended audience.

Brand Amplification

Thibstas Media's partnership with Mirvic Solar extended to meticulous brand management, where we orchestrated a symphony of their identity across digital platforms. By maintaining consistent messaging and strategic positioning, we not only reinforced their brand image but also established them as a dependable and visionary solar solutions provider.

Lead Generation Excellence

We crafted tailored communication strategies that addressed the specific needs and interests of potential clients, establishing a meaningful connection from the outset.Our team engaged with leads through multiple touchpoints, providing valuable information and insights that positioned Mirvic Solar as a trusted authority in the solar energy domain.

Shaping Solar Success through Strategic Digital Solutions

At Thibstas Media, we're honored to present our comprehensive collaboration with Mirvic Solar, spanning a spectrum of digital avenues:


Empowering Sales Training

    We equipped Mirvic Solar's sales team with refined communication techniques that effectively conveyed the unique value propositions of their solar solutions
    Our training focused on nurturing authentic client relationships. We emphasized the importance of active listening, understanding client needs, and tailoring solutions, ultimately boosting trust and rapport.

Dynamic Social Presence

    We curated compelling content that highlighted the uniqueness of Mirvic Solar's energy solutions, engaging their audience with informative posts, visuals, and industry insights.
    By transforming their social platforms into knowledge hubs, we positioned Mirvic Solar as an authority in the solar industry, sharing valuable information and driving conversations that ultimately generated interest and trust among potential clients.
    Our strategies encouraged active participation, initiating discussions, polls, and quizzes that not only educated the audience about solar solutions but also fostered a sense of community and engagement.

Captivating Video Storytelling

    We crafted engaging videos that went beyond showcasing products; they told stories
    Our videos didn't just highlight the final results but also delved into the technical aspects of Mirvic Solar's solutions.
    We infused emotion into the videos, connecting viewers with the positive impact of solar solutions.

Brand Strategy

    Thibstas Media formulated a cohesive brand strategy for Papannam, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints.

    ​We defined the brand's unique value proposition, tone of voice, and visual identity to create a strong and memorable brand image.

    Our team provided guidance on brand positioning, target audience segmentation, and competitive differentiation, enabling Papannam to stand out in the market.

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