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You will need to find ways to reach out to prospects and convert them if you own a manufacturing company. Leverage in your digital strategy, With our support you can introduce your products to new people and build a greater following.

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Marketing For Manufacturing Industry

People generally believe that manufacturing companies derive most of their business through loyal customers, word-of-mouth, and partnership deals. But on the other side of the industry, it is critical to overlook the importance of marketing. For the manufacturing industry, marketing plays a crucial role for the businesses that touch on prices, products, and sales. It is significant to understand the use of marketing for your business's success.

How Can We Help ?

Thibstas will put your marketing efforts at rest. With our marketing techniques, we help your business develop and reach a wider audience, so you can spend more time focused on the big picture. We use various marketing tactics to help you organize your contact lists, develop content, send out email campaigns, and publish your website.


Marketing in the manufacturing sector seems to be a challenging nut to crack as the process revolves around customer relationship management (CRM) and search engine optimization (SEO). But, with the advent of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, it has become easier for manufacturers to market their products and services.


Manufacturers can get product feedback, sales leads, referrals, first reactions with the help of social media monitoring. That is how social media marketing has become one of the prime considerations in the marketing strategy for companies.

Manufacturing Assembly

An instance of how social media marketing supports to grow your business:

Social media has revolutionized communication by establishing an open channel capable of directly influencing customer purchasing behaviour. For instance, studies have shown that people spend up to three hours on social media sites each day, so the channel continues to grow in popularity in the future.


Therefore, the role of marketing in the manufacturing industry needs to be reviewed seriously to understand where the company should put its concentration, especially in the last few years before it enters the mainstream. Although marketing has existed in manufacturing enterprises since the beginning of the industry, changes in consumer behavior and the growing availability of affordable goods have enhanced its role in the overall scheme of things.


Many firms have benefited from the use of social media networks, as evidenced by a large number of followers and fans for well-known brands such as Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Diesel, and Apple.


The brands listed above have managed to expand their user base despite the economic crisis by using the power of social media. They have also been successful in creating new customer segments through the medium of social media. However, their success cannot be attributed to just any means.


Marketing in the manufacturing sector requires more strategic planning and effective implementation by the brand manager. Therefore, companies employ social media marketing professionals to ensure the best results in the shortest possible time.

Image by Jan Antonin Kolar

What makes us unique from others?

Before we plan and build marketing strategies, we, as a team at Thibstats, first work on knowing the entire organization and determining the various areas of the business by identifying the scope for marketing. The procedure we follow to understand more about your business:


For the manufacturing industry, we provide various services such as:

Publish written content

We believe strong content acts as a great source in online marketing and lead generation. A stable stream of content ensures priority in search engine results and enhances your company’s position as an industry leader. We aim to demonstrate your company’s understanding, keeping in perspective customers’ needs; offer helpful solutions, and stand out with authoritative and timely information.


Social media marketing:

Boosting the social media followers by running ads on various platforms supports reaching a maximum number of people. We assist you in improving the social media posts by engaging with the customers, help you generate leads, and increase sales and revenue. Currently, more than 60% of consumers use social media for customer service. Maintaining a social media presence allows your company to engage with more people and build relationships, which increases the desire to buy from you.


Website update and digital marketing:

Most of the manufacturers are still behind in the digital presence. Web designs, google business listing, and SEO delivers huge dividends and return on investment in terms of business. Thibstats provides website design using infographics that attract the attention of the public at large, use SEO tools and techniques to make a digital impact.

Feel free to reach us to know more about our strategies!!

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